Sunday, December 26, 2010

G4 activated

This is the first post of our online conversation. It all started in 2005 or so when A, Stephen, T-Roy and myself (stage name DiRoma) all started hanging out together. Then, we were in our 30's. A had a dinner with more friends, two other couples who were married and called it the Group of 8. The married friends couldn't hang with us unmarried, single fun ones on our late nights of red bull vodka, tequila and sometimes earlier Rudee Ruckus' so gradually, over time, our Group evolved into the Group of 4 or G4 for short. I like to think of it like we are a Gulfstream 4 sometimes....jet setting, stylish, fun and free. We have had so many fun times together. Sometimes a while goes by where we don't see one another especially since I pulled up stakes and moved from the East Coast to the mountains of Colorado. Small town mecca of Richmond, VA was giving me some serious cabin fever and I got out. But I do miss my good friends of G4 so we will continue this online blog to keep up and keep laughing. I have only done one blog for travel pics so I am making it somewhat open and generic in case we develop a following and some TV producer picks it up and wants to do a show on us....called fortysomething! I am sure when we are all together, it would keep others entertained. I am certainly entertained by G4!

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