Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Club

Well, our meeting last night did not happen and that's OK. I haven't finished the book yet either. I think we discussed doing the book club meeting on February 22nd. That's a Tuesday, say 7pm EST?
How does that sound? Also, it appears I am the only one blogging on this blog. No comments, no other posts, no nothing. C'mon me out here!

Look forward to reading some comments from you!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Travel for G4

It's January. We are all suffering from post Holiday blues and serious cabin fever most likely but that is just the way it is....It is time to catch up on all of the Oscar movies, work out to burn off the Holiday gluttonous lbs, and for me, knit! For you all, let's daydream about the next vacation. I realize it is times like these in January in the Mecca to fantasize about far off warmer places. I don't think I can do an island getaway in the next two months but I do want to invite you to Denver in the fabulous month of August! Think about it....90-95 degrees, 90-95% humidity, hazy, hot and humid is the forecast for the entire month and those darn cicadas are screaming in the trees. Trust me, I don't miss it! So it is a good time to come to the high country for a show at Red Rocks, a summer picnic at Wash Park or City Park, a cookout with my friends in my newly designed back yard, and some hiking in the cool Rocky Mountains. It will be great to host you in my new home and give you a welcome reprieve from hot, humid R-mond. We can also go see the newest addition to the Wesson clan....Autumn's baby girl or boy in Boulder! What d'ya say guys? My other  hope is to do the rafting trip (over a long weekend) in the Upper Gauley of West Va. Who is up for either or both? Let's make a plan and have some darn good times together in 2011! Love you guys!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Wishes for Stephen!

Stephen had a birthday yesterday. Not being on Facebook, I can't follow any fun photos but thought I'd reach out to the boy on our blog! Hope it was a Happy one....:)

So, I hope we are all still on track with our reading assignment of "Awaken the Giant Within". I haven't read too much more but I like it so far.....good principles and ways of thinking. I have learned alot about companies' history as well which is an added bonus.

I wish one of you would also post on this blog. I can't pull the train by myself!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with G4

Good times as usual were had at the Commonwealth Club (thanks T-Roy), Mamma Zu, and then again at Stephen's home for game night. Attached are a few photos from the fun outings of G4. It was great to have the Funbrights along as well.....loved seeing everyone!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

G4 activated

This is the first post of our online conversation. It all started in 2005 or so when A, Stephen, T-Roy and myself (stage name DiRoma) all started hanging out together. Then, we were in our 30's. A had a dinner with more friends, two other couples who were married and called it the Group of 8. The married friends couldn't hang with us unmarried, single fun ones on our late nights of red bull vodka, tequila and sometimes earlier Rudee Ruckus' so gradually, over time, our Group evolved into the Group of 4 or G4 for short. I like to think of it like we are a Gulfstream 4 sometimes....jet setting, stylish, fun and free. We have had so many fun times together. Sometimes a while goes by where we don't see one another especially since I pulled up stakes and moved from the East Coast to the mountains of Colorado. Small town mecca of Richmond, VA was giving me some serious cabin fever and I got out. But I do miss my good friends of G4 so we will continue this online blog to keep up and keep laughing. I have only done one blog for travel pics so I am making it somewhat open and generic in case we develop a following and some TV producer picks it up and wants to do a show on us....called fortysomething! I am sure when we are all together, it would keep others entertained. I am certainly entertained by G4!